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Cloudflare CDN + BunnyCDN

Everything you need for a reliable, secure and efficient content delivery.

Cloudflare CDN

Fast, Agile, Secure

  • Free Cloudflare DNS with CDN
  • Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery
  • Increased agility and control over how content is cached
  • Built-in unmetered DDoS protection

Make your website as fast as a bunny!

BunnyCDN is a reliable, powerful and lightning fast CDN designed to offer incredible performance at the worlds most cost-effective pricing.

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50GB CDN Included for All Plans

  • HTTP/2
  • Brotli & GZip
  • 95%+ Cache Hit Rate
  • < 40ms global latency
  • One-click CORS headers
  • Tier 1 networks
  • 36 Global Datacenters
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